Meet Stefania

Stefania Sanna was born in Sardinia, Italy and takes pride in being a highly experienced make-up artist who travels to far-reaching areas within her profession. As a child she always had a passion for painting, drawing and producing unique handmade work, making use of the creative streak she has within her. When she was a teenager, she discovered the wonders of makeup and nail polish, it was not long before her curiosity struck. She was keen to find out more about the cosmetics and what made them so beautiful.

After attending the linguistic high school, she started her beauty journey at the beauty school in order to become a qualified beautician.

She spent her time across many significant schools within Italy and London during her studies, gaining the knowledge and experience to become the best and most creative beautician she could possibly be. Some of the areas she studied within the beauty industry involved taking an interest in nails and facials which Stefania did explore to an extent, however it was clear from the beginning that Stefania was most passionate about make-up which was something she ended up specialising in.

Within her specialist make-up artistry, she is able to make use of her creativity, sharing her love of art with others whilst impressively, increasing her wide knowledge of skincare, the anatomy and the chemical make-up of the cosmetics.

Stefania’s career in beauty began working as an assistant in a salon providing her with enough experience, in order to then progress on as a manager with her own studio. Whilst doing this, she would also work as a freelance make-up artist. Her breadth of knowledge has been gathered whilst working for a range of high-end brands, where she carries out beauty consultations for the likes of Estee Lauder, L’Oréal and LVMH.

Within her work she aims to make every client feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin by simply enhancing their features. She is available for booking consultants and appointments within hair, make-up, grooming and skincare, which also covers a range of bespoke events and weddings, fulfilling the important bridal beauty role. She has a welcoming and friendly, yet professional manner which puts every client at ease making them relaxed in her presence. Clients are always feeling confident with Stefania’s way of working, rest assured that they’ll be given the beauty treatment they had in mind.

Stefania’s Awards:

- 2nd Award Winning in Warpaintmag ProfessionalBeauty Beauty in London 2019

- 2nd Award Winning in Warpaintmag ProfessionalBeauty Beauty in Manchester 2019

- 1st  Winning July competition for "The Photographer Academy"

- Publication in FENHONGSE/PINNK magazine

- Publication in LYUN FASHION magazine

- Publication in LONDONRUNAWAY magazine

- Publication in ALSHARKIAH magazine